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  1. God makes a way out of no way: Exodus, Jesus, and baptism (Romans 6:1-11) [sermon 8-20-2017]

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    August 18, 2017 by jmar198013

    In Romans 6, Paul combines narratives from the Exodus and the death and resurrection of Christ to help us understand the story baptism tells–and gives us to tell.

  2. Opening the scriptures (Luke 24.13-35) [sermon 4-23-2017]

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    April 22, 2017 by jmar198013

    Jesus still journeys with his church, just as he did those two disciples on the way from Jerusalem to Emmaus. And every time we take and bless and break and share the bread that is his body and the wine that is his blood, the crucified and resurrected Jesus is our host. He is made known to us. We can join with the disciples who first proclaimed: The Lord has risen indeed! And we can know that because he has been raised from the dead, so will we.

  3. A new chapter (Luke 24.1-12) [Easter sermon 2017]

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    April 15, 2017 by jmar198013

    Easter isn’t a happy ending, but a new beginning, full of hope and promise. And it’s not just a new beginning for Jesus, or his apostles, or the early church. It’s a new beginning for all humanity and all creation and all of us are living in this new beginning now.

  4. The resurrection of Job (Job 42.7-17) [Sermon 08-07-2016]


    August 5, 2016 by jmar198013

    Job 42.7-17 describes Job’s restoration to life–I like to call it a resurrection–after an intense period of loss and suffering, and a crisis of faith. God calls Job to intervene for his accusing friends with sacrifice and prayer. Job is restored when he does this priestly duty.

    Job is restored to life and the human vocation–to be God’s priests, representing God in his earthly temple. God blesses Job as Job chooses to embrace life with all its risk. Job takes back up the human vocation to be fertile and multiply; and take charge of the beasts. So God blesses him with ten children, and double the animals he had before.

    Job’s restoration gives us all hope for the time described in Rev. 21. When the heavens and earth will be renewed as God’s temple forever; God will wipe away all tears; and dwell among his people.

  5. Easter and the new creation (John 20.1-18) [Easter Sermon 2016]

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    March 24, 2016 by jmar198013

    Easter means that the Jesus way
    Welcoming the poor and powerless
    Making peace and doing mercy
    Making room at our tables
    Loving our enemies
    Overcoming evil with good
    Is the only way to live.

  6. He is risen! Now what? [Communion Thoughts 4/12/2015]

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    April 12, 2015 by jmar198013

    After the thrill of Easter, however, we discover that we have to return to what is called ‘the real world.’ Perhaps we are left wondering, He is risen—now what? It’s awesome that Jesus is alive with God up there, but down here it’s still a mess. We have mortgages to pay and children to feed and wars to fight and stuff. What does Easter have to do with any of that?

  7. Reading Matt. 5.21-48 with Stanley Hauerwas and John Howard Yoder

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    April 26, 2013 by jmar198013

    Stanley Hauerwas has said: “The basis for the ethics of the Sermon on the Mount is not what works, but rather who God is.” Christians need to realize that a God who reconciles the world through a Cross (Col. 1.19-20) doesn’t have a lot of interest in what “works” for humans. And that the one who tells us to turn the other cheek was slapped around; the one who tells us to give the second garment and go naked was himself publicly stripped; and the one who tells us to carry the burden of another carried a Roman cross beam across his shoulders. The basis of the Sermon on the Mount is the character of God–the God who cares for us in the Cross of his Son. To follow the preaching of Jesus is to be molded more into God’s character, plain and simple.



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