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  1. Sight to the blind (Luke 18.31 – 19.10) [sermon 4-2-2017]

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    March 31, 2017 by jmar198013

    In Luke 18.31-19.10, the meaning of Jesus’ word is hidden from his disciples. A blind man begs for sight. A tiny tax collector named Zacchaeus climbs a tree to see Jesus through a crowd. There’s all sorts of reasons people can’t see. But Jesus cures not only the blindness of the eyes, but of the heart and spirit.

  2. Hannah’s prayer (1 Sam. 1.9-11, 19-20; 2.1-10; Luke 1.46-55) [Sermon 10-16-2016]


    October 14, 2016 by jmar198013

    God opened Hannah’s womb. And when he did, he opened up a new future for her. Her hope and future came to her as a son. When our hope and our future was as barren as Hannah’s womb, God sent us his Son Jesus, to make a future with hope for us all. Jesus is God’s faithfulness to us.

  3. The Love of an Advent People a/k/a Mary’s Protest Song (Luke 1.39-55) [Sermon 12-20-15 Advent 4c]


    December 19, 2015 by jmar198013

    In Luke 1.39-55, the pregnant virgin Mary visits her also pregnant post-menopausal cousin, Elizabeth. As the two ladies confer over their miraculous pregnancies, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb begins to dance. And Mary begins to sing.

    Mary sings a protest song straight out of the Little Red Hymnal of the Old Testament Prophets and Maccabean revolutionaries.

    This Advent, don’t try and tame the Magnificat. It’s downright subversive.



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