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  1. Fulfilling Isaiah (Acts 8.26-39) [sermon 5-7-2017]


    May 6, 2017 by jmar198013

    The work of the church is to continue what God and Jesus and Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch began. To “take up the cause of all the black sheep,” the ones who have been considered unclean and excluded from God’s people. To bring them to the Good News of God’s salvation—that God has heard them crying out in their shame and humiliation. That they are not strangers to God. That God knows and loves all his children. That Jesus has borne their shame and rejection in his cross. That in the incarnation, death, resurrection, and glorification of Christ, Father God has “embraced the company of the lowest.” Our work as the church is to keep fulfilling Isaiah 56 through the Good News of Isaiah 53. We need to know who the foreigners and eunuchs of our time are to do this. I believe we are wise enough to know this.

    Because the bottom line is, God has embraced the church in our shame and uncleanness through the waters of baptism. And Jesus’ word to us is the same as it ever was: Do unto others as I have done for you.

  2. The Jesus Plan for Leadership [Sermon 10-18-2015]

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    October 18, 2015 by jmar198013

    Mr. Rogers said his mom used to tell him to “look for the helpers.” Look for the people who are doing good in the world. Who are nurturing. Who are taking time to be merciful and generous. The people who are vulnerable for others. Jesus is more or less saying the same thing when it comes to problems of leadership in the church in Mark 10.35-45.

  3. Matt. 26.52-54: a teaching moment

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    February 11, 2014 by jmar198013

    Matt. 26.52-54 is Jesus’ embodied interpretation of his own preaching from Matt. 5.38ff. Jesus only preached what he practiced. The question for the church is, will we preach and practice what Jesus did?



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