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  1. The magi’s star, and us (Matt. 2.1-23) [sermon 1-6-19]

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    January 9, 2019 by jmar198013

    Long ago, God placed a star to shine in the sky, to lead strangers to Christ. Now God has placed the church in the world, to shine and lead other people to Christ.

  2. God bless Doubting Thomas! (John 20.19-31) [sermon 4-8-18]


    April 4, 2018 by jmar198013

    Thomas is famous for his doubt, but how often do we notice Thomas’ faith? This message calls our Doubting Thomases in the church to be skeptical enough to doubt their doubts. And for the rest of church to abide with our doubters, just as the other disciples did for Thomas.

  3. Jesus calls you by your name (John 20.1-18) [Easter sermon 2018]

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    March 30, 2018 by jmar198013

    For my Easter sermon this year, I’m focusing less on the resurrection event itself; and more on Jesus’ post-resurrection interaction with his disciple Mary. She only recognizes it’s him when he calls her by name. Earlier in John, Jesus said he was the Good Shepherd who calls his sheep by name, and they know his voice (John 10.3-4). And so Mary’s experience with the risen Jesus becomes a paradigm for future generations of disciples–like you and me.

  4. “It is finished” (John 19.30) [Good Friday sermon 2018]

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    March 26, 2018 by jmar198013

    In John’s Gospel, Jesus’ last words were, “It is finished.” What did he mean by that? And what does that mean for us, and for our world?

  5. Glory, redefined (John 12.12-27) [sermon 3-25-18]

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    March 23, 2018 by jmar198013

    Just after a big parade where the people celebrated Jesus as King, he said: “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” The glory he was talking about wasn’t the cheering crowds waving palm branches as he rode into town. It was in his death on the cross–when he was “lifted up from the earth”–and his resurrection. What does this story teach us about what glory really means?

  6. Every day is Judgment Day (John 19.1-16a) [sermon 3-18-18]

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    March 17, 2018 by jmar198013

    In John 19:1-16a, it looks like Jesus is on trial. But the way John tells the story, it’s really everyone else on trial. What if this story is really showing us the choices and judgments we must all make about Jesus? And what if this story is really telling us that every day is Judgment Day?

  7. A kingdom in the world, but not of the world (John 18.28-40) [sermon 3-11-18]

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    March 10, 2018 by jmar198013

    An ever-increasing population in America says they’re “done” with church. And they’ve told researchers three reasons why: 1) Their churches were too concerned with money and power; 2) Their churches were too hung up on rules; and 3) Their churches were too involved in politics. In our story today, Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world.” When churches understand what Jesus meant, maybe we’ll be done with the things the Dones are frustrated by. And maybe we’ll get to work building and expanding God’s kingdom.



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