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  1. Opening the scriptures (Luke 24.13-35) [sermon 4-23-2017]

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    April 22, 2017 by jmar198013

    Jesus still journeys with his church, just as he did those two disciples on the way from Jerusalem to Emmaus. And every time we take and bless and break and share the bread that is his body and the wine that is his blood, the crucified and resurrected Jesus is our host. He is made known to us. We can join with the disciples who first proclaimed: The Lord has risen indeed! And we can know that because he has been raised from the dead, so will we.

  2. “The ability to be what we are and yet go on”: thoughts on penal substitutionary atonement and discipleship


    August 31, 2014 by jmar198013

    The gospel is the narrative that gives us freedom by allowing us to interpret our story. And it is not a story about someone else being your whipping boy. It is a story about God’s refusal to let our murdering of his Child finally determine our relationship to him. It is a story about his rejection of our rejection of him through the Cross–of his not allowing that Cross to have the final word, but undoing it in resurrection. And it is a story about God continuing to invite us through his Crucified-and-Resurrected-Child to come be reconciled to him. The Cross and Resurrection is a narrative that subverts and reinterprets all the stories we have been told, and continue to tell ourselves.

  3. May your foundations be shaken: brief reflections on Acts 16.22-34


    August 22, 2012 by jmar198013

    That earthquake didn’t just shake the foundations of the prison. It shook the jailer’s foundations, as well. You want to talk about an earthquake? How about a jailer rushing into find his prisoners all free, yet none of them are bum-rushing him, and two who have been badly abused speak out to wish him good, not harm.



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