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  1. Naomi and Boaz pay it forward (Ruth 3) [sermon 8-12-18]

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    August 13, 2018 by jmar198013

    God had blessed Naomi with a renewed faith and hope. And Boaz with a rich harvest. Both of them knew they could never pay God back for the kindness he had shown them. But they could pay it forward–to Ruth! None of us can ever repay God’s grace, but we can pay it forward through kindness to others.

  2. Your story isn’t over (Ruth 1) [sermon 7-29-18]

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    July 30, 2018 by jmar198013

    The first chapter of Ruth introduces us to two widows–Naomi and Ruth–who have lost everything. As far as Naomi is concerned, she is done, and God is done with her. But there’s still three chapters to go in the story! God is by far not done with Naomi, or Ruth. The book of Ruth is good news for anyone who thinks that God is done with them.

  3. Courageous Dorothy (2 Timothy 1.7; Revelation 21.1-5) [sermon 7-22-18]

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    July 25, 2018 by jmar198013

    In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy’s courage isn’t without fear. Instead, her courage stems from her deepest fear: not getting home to Kansas. In the same way, the Christian’s greatest fear is not getting home to God. And that fear should inspire us to live boldly.

  4. If God is love … (1 John 4.7-12) [sermon 7-8-18]

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    July 8, 2018 by jmar198013

    1 John 4:8 famously tells us that “God is love.” This raises a couple of interesting questions: What does it mean for God to “be” love? And if God is love, what does that mean for how Christians are called to live?

  5. Three lies that keep us from God’s light (1 John 1.5 – 2.2) [Sermon 7-1-18]


    July 1, 2018 by jmar198013

    1 John 1.5 – 2.2 tells us that God is light, and we must walk in the light as God is in the light. But John also knows three dark lies we sometimes believe that cause us to walk in the darkness. And he also knew three truths to combat those lies.

  6. The feedback loop of joy (1 John 1.1-4) [sermon 6-24-2018]

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    June 24, 2018 by jmar198013

    The main themes 1 John keeps returning to are light and love. 1 John 1.1-4 prepares us to open our eyes to God’s light, and open our hearts to God’s love. These verses show us a feedback loop for sharing our faith with others. It begins with our relationship with God through Christ, and then sharing our story with others to bring them into fellowship. The feedback is joy, which is our incentive to share our stories with even more people.

  7. The Tenth Word: Breaking bad habits of the heart (Exodus 20.17) [sermon 6-17-18]

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    June 16, 2018 by jmar198013

    Coveting is more than a feeling. Its a series of choices that emerge from habits of the heart. The way to guard against coveting involves cultivating new habits of the heart: compassion and empathy.



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