What makes God God: a very brief reflection

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May 28, 2013 by jmar198013

No one on earth has the prerogative to assign the good Lord a motive for tragedy or disaster. Speaking for God without authority was the sort of thing that got you hit with plague, pestilence, and gruesome death in the old days. It’s not only presumptuous, it’s cruel to tell someone who suffers “why” God allowed this terrible thing to befall them, their beloved, their city, their people, their nation. Who knows? People imagine that they’re justifying God. But God’s a big boy and doesn’t need anyone making excuses for him. They always fall short of justifying God and end up justifying bad things happening. Truth is, nobody’s getting out of this world alive. There’s nothing you can say to justify that, and God’s loudest answer to our predicament so far is resurrection.

I suspect that people feel the need to speak for God when things go deeply, tragically, gut-wrenchingly wrong because they suppose that if these sick happenings have no meaning, it proves that God is not God. But if people think that bad things happening discredits God then they must not believe in a God who reconciles the world to himself through the murder of his Child. God is not God because he doesn’t let bad things happen. God is God because he knows how to make beauty from ashes.


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