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June 21, 2012 by jmar198013

Norman Gottwald once observed that the biblical prophets advocated quietism abroad and social activism at home. Hence, the prophets consistently denounced their leadership for foreign military intrigues and alliances while their people slid deeper into poverty and personal indebtedness. In 2009 (the last year for which I have ready access to budget data), the U.S. spent 12.2% of our national budget on income security. Of this, only 5.5% was what we might term direct assistance to the needy–welfare, food stamps, and the like. The vast majority of income security spending went to programs such as Social Security and unemployment benefits–things we pay into to use. Meanwhile, some 54.4% of the budget went to military intrigues abroad. Unfortunately, many in the American church actively support this agenda of quietism at home and activism abroad: an exact inversion of what the biblical prophets preached. Lord have mercy.


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